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Automatically monitor and reconcile balances and transactions, and manage all your banking partners through one interface.

Automatic reconciliation

No more csv-based processes. We automate your account reconciliation by matching booked transactions to the underlying transactables.

API access to your accounts

Cut down on manual work in sending payment files and gathering account data. We grant you direct access to your accounts, transactions and balances via API.

Bank connectivity

Most businesses have multiple banking partners and need to integrate with a variety of communication channels. We abstract bank connectivity for you, delivering secure access to your banks through a single interface.


Automatically initiate and track payouts and transfers from your bank accounts, manage counterparties and set up approval workflows.

Counterparty management

Onboard and manage all the counterparties you make payouts to and receive payments from at one place.

Approval chains

Build robust payment approval workflows to ensure control and visibility for your finance teams.

Payment API

Access multiple schemes through a single integration point, and initiate and track payments across all the currencies you support.

Built for Developers


Integrate Avantir with REST APIs. Our platform abstracts away the complexity of integrating to the financial system, and lets you via API initiate payments, reconcile incoming payments, and track your account balances – so that you can focus on what you do best.

Make payments from your bank account
Check account balances
Create expected transaction for reconciliation
01curl -X POST \ 
03  -H  'Content-Type: application/json' \
04  -d  {
05        "date": "YYYY-MM-DD",
06        "paymentSchemeType": "SCT",
07        "amount": {
08            "currency": "EUR",
09            "value": 1500
10        },
11        "destination": {
12            "id": "COUNTERPARTY_ID",
13        },
14        "source": {
15            "id": "ACCOUNT_ID",
16        },
17        "remittanceInformation": {
18            "type": "UNSTRUCTURED",
19            "value": "PAYMENT REFERENCE"
20        },
21        "externalMetadata": {
22            "your-metadata-key": "SOME METADATA",
23        }
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